4 Ways To Add Insulation To Your Home

A well-insulated home will save you money on energy costs and keep you more comfortable indoors on both cold and hot days. Insulation also prevents excess moisture from building up within the walls, which keeps problems like mold and mildew from forming. You may also find that wood furniture and appliances hold up better in an insulated home and tend to require less maintenance. The truth is that having your home insulated by a professional is one of the most important aspects of protecting it from wear and tear due to the various outdoor elements it's undoubtedly exposed to. [Read More]

How To Remedy Your "Matchy-Matchy" Dining Room Set With A DIY Project

If you are looking to update your dining room, you may want to consider if your furniture is matchy-matchy or not. While matching furniture, colors, and fabrics is a good thing for cohesiveness, matchy-matchy syndrome happens when you overdo that repetition. Although repetition is a design principle, use it too much and it will overwhelm a room just as surely as too much eclectic design would. The dining room is often guilty of being matchy-matchy because many buy a complete furniture suite. [Read More]

4 Tips to Prevent Your Garden from Becoming a Litter Box

Whether your cat or your neighbor's cat enjoys digging in your garden, the results can be frustrating and potentially damaging to plants. There are tactics you can use to make your soft soil less appealing for bathroom visits, while not harming feline trespassers. Do No Harm Several cat-repellant remedies are effective, but can be harmful if ingested. Since cats groom themselves frequently, it is better to avoid any potentially toxic products. [Read More]

3 Types Of Hardwood Flooring And Tips For Making The Right Decision

Are you aching to rip out that dingy carpet and install gorgeous hardwood flooring throughout your home? Although it might seem simple to waltz into a flooring store and pick your favorite shade, it can be hard to decide between all of the available hardwood flooring options.  Here are the three main types of hardwood flooring, and a few tips for making the right decision: 1: Laminate What are you looking for in a hardwood floor? [Read More]